P10711: Wegmans Ergonomics & Tumbler Transport

Establish Target Specifications

Table of Contents

Step 1. Prepare the List of Metrics

House of Quality (Updated, see main page)

Engineering Specs and Goals (Updated, see main page)

Step 2. Collect Competitive Benchmarking Information


Mechanical Stuff:

Ergonomic Assessment:

Step 3. Set Ideal and Marginally Acceptable Target Values

Benchmarking-2.xlsx (Updated, see main page)

Step 4. Reflect on the Results and the Process

In order to establish target specifications for this project, a list of metrics had to be obtained by developing the house of quality and engineering specifications and goals. Consulting with the customer(Chris Isaacson), the team streamlined the documentation to reflect the topmost concerns of the customer.The team then brainstormed different benchmarks that could be used to validate the solutions that the team comes up with. The next step is to actually visit the customer and gather measurements using the benchmarks that were proposed by the members of the team.The data that is collected would serve as a reference tool when the team is developing solutions to resolve the ergonomics and safety issues of the customer, which are of most interest to the customer.