P10711: Wegmans Ergonomics & Tumbler Transport



Project Summary Project Information

The aim of this project is to improve the meat marinade tumbler transport in the Wegmans Culinary Innovation Center. Currently, meat is marinated in 2000 lb. capacity tumblers, dumped into 300-600 lb capacity vats, and then transferred into a vacuum pack machine. The current process suffers from many efficiency and ergonomic issues. The overall outcome of the project is to identify and implement process improvements in order to increase efficiency and safety of the workers.

Project Name
Wegmans - Meat Tumbler Process Improvement
Project Number
Project Family
Process Innovation and Improvement
Lean Production
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
John Kaemmerlen
Technical Support
Primary Customer
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

DPM Documents

DPM Planning Concept Level Design

Final Powerpoint

Marketing Video Powerpoint

Marketing Video Movie File

Project Overview File

Project Readiness Package

Wegmans Charter Sheet

Mission Statement

Staffing Requirements

Intellectual Property Considerations

Work Breakdown Structure

Required Resources

Risk Assessment

Customer Notes

Affinity Diagram

Objective Tree

Function Tree

House of Quality

Specifications and Goals

MSD Week 1

Week 1 Meeting Agenda

Team Contact Info

Team Schedules

Agreed Team Values & Norms

Final Staffing Assignments

Final Intellectual Property Considerations

Final Work Breakdown Structure

MSD Week 2

Week 2 Meeting Agenda

Final Required Resources

Draft of Project Plan

P10711 Project Plan.xls

Wegmans Culinary Center Tour Notes

MSD Week 3

Week 3 Meeting Agenda

Identify Customer Needs

Risk Analysis.xls

MSD Week 4

Week 4 Meeting Agenda

Establish Target Specifications

Concept Generation

P10711 Project Plan Wk4.xls

MSD Week 5

Week 5 Meeting Agenda

System Level Design Review Notes

P10711 System Level Design Review.pdf

MSD Week 6

Week 6 Meeting Agenda

System Level Team Design Review & Decisions

Option Selection.xlsx


P10711 Wegmans QFD R4.xlsx

Risk Analysis wk6.xls

Project Plan wk 6.xls

MSD Week 7

Week 7 Meeting Agenda

Project Break-Down by Team Members

Kaizen Concept Generation

Conveyor Idea Generation

Dumptable Idea Generation

Column Dumper Idea Generation

VEMAG Retrofit Idea Generation

Project Plan wk 7.xls

Initial Ergonomic Assessment.xls

MSD Week 8

Week 8 Meeting Agenda

MSD Week 9

Week 9 Meeting Agenda

Detailed Design Review Notes

P10711 Detailed Design Review.pdf

MSD Week 10

Week 10 Meeting Agenda

Design Decisions

Project Plan wk 10.xls

Risk Analysis Week 10.xlsx

To Do List for MSD2

MSD2 Week 0

Risk Analysis Week 11.xlsx

MSD2 General Schedule.xlsx

Project 1 - Kaizen

Project 2 - Conveyor

Project 3 - Dump Tables

Project 4 - Column Dumper

Project 5 - VEMAG Vats

MSD2 Week 1

Week 11 Meeting Agenda

MSD2 Week 2

Week 12 Meeting Agenda

MSD2 Week 3

Week 13 Meeting Agenda

MSD2 Week 4

Week 14 Meeting Agenda

Project Plan wk 14.xls

Risk Analysis Week 14.xlsx

MSD2 Week 5

Friday Progress Update

MSD2 Week 6

Week 16 Meeting Agenda

MSD2 Week 7-10 : Final Documents

Risk Analysis Week 18.xlsx

MSD2 Final Schedule.xlsx

Self Assessment vs Norms and Values

Project 1 - Kaizen Final

Project 2 - Conveyor Final

Project 3 - DumpTables Final

Project 4 - Column Dumper Final

Project 5 - VEMAG Vats Final

P10711 Poster.pptx

P10711 Paper.docx

P10711 Presentation.pptx

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