P10711: Wegmans Ergonomics & Tumbler Transport

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Collecting Project Background Raw Data

Interactions with Sponsors

For Interview Summaries/Transcripts: Establish Target Specifications

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

The aim of this project is to improve the meat marinade tumbler transport in the Wegmans Culinary Innovation Center. Currently, meat is marinated in 2000 lb. capacity tumblers, dumped into 300-600 lb capacity vats, and then transferred into a vacuum pack machine. The current process suffers from many efficiency and ergonomic issues. The overall outcome of the project is to identify and implement process improvements in order to increase efficiency and safety of the workers.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

The primary business goals of this process change is to:

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

Wegmans Culinary Innovation Center in Rochester, NY

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

Similar Wegmans production facilities

Assumptions and Constraints