P10711: Wegmans Ergonomics & Tumbler Transport

Risk Assessment

Assessment of possible risk that may be encountered during SD I & SD II

Description of Risk Possible Consequences Probability of Risk (H/M/L) Severity of Risk (H/M/L) Overall Risk Contingency Plan
Member of team not available for a few weeks Possible gap in completed work H M M Other team members should be aware of what other people are working on and be prepared to pick up slack if necessary
Member of team drops out of SD Missing work, possible lack of a particular skill set L H M Other team members will have to pick up slack and make do with the team members that are left
Ordered parts do not arrive in time Completion of project in jeopardy M M M Always have a backup plan when ordering less common items.
Catastrophic failure of design near end of term Completion of project in jeopardy L H L Have well document designs so things can be remade
CIC employees resist change Cannot implement solutions H M M Make employees part of the process change process to increase chances of success.
Team member allergic to certain ingredients in CIC Cannot tour/ collect data/ implement L M L Team member will have to complete only tasks outside of facility and rely on pictures / description of process
Wegmans cuts funding to the project midway through Cannot complete project L H M Finish up project in "as-is" state, possible finish up without any purchasing.