P10711: Wegmans Ergonomics & Tumbler Transport

System Level Design Review Notes

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Describe diagrams and maps; not everyone is an IE

Needs should not be phrased as solutions: "system that encourages following pick list"

ADD to HOQ - Shoulder and wrist pain in with loading multivac with a scoop, maybe lump together the whole arm


Add to HOQ - Crushed fingers --> from dump tables, clutter, etc

ERGO slides

Last 2 statements are solutions, not needs (John)

Still waiting to hear from Paul about dollar amounts

Weight of the dump table itself

Weight sensitive "scissor tables" raise up as the weight decreases (John)

Solutions tie in together a lot; combining would be really beneficial (Chris)

Slide chicken into pockets instead of picking up / scooping (Chris)

Get rid of the dump tables would be awesome (Cindy???)

Smaller carts might lead to more carts, taking up more space, blocking exits, can't store in a higher temp area (Wyatt)

Used to stand on platforms, marinade got everywhere; different heights of employees

Column dumper was being used at the multivac too, constantly moving hose, column dumper to wash, that's why they went back to using the dump tables

Larger wheels = thumbs up

Space is going to be a bigger issue because of addition of a burger room; small tumbler might be moved into marinade room; Chris might add to the cad file if this will happen

Drainage: slant the guard more so marinade drains better and the chicken slopes toward the multivac loader

Hormel does similar marinated meats: investigate their benchmarking

Some vmag vats have a modification to put a handle into

Sliding would be wonderful

Consistent cart, one design, easier

Model new ones after a favorite type of cart? Possibility

Built here, or get a commercial product

1st choice: eliminate carts completely

Adding telescoping handles: look at the vats we have already modified with a handle

VMAG struggles trying to lift the 600lb-ers

Easier to have the tugger attach higher up on the elevator? Might take more force

Smaller tugger might work (Power pusher is the company)

Stainless makes it heavy

Track system vs free-wheeling? Investigate

Bearings vs wheels

Keep column dumpers because they use them somewhere else in the building

Motorized wheels = good idea

Trip hazard from pulling the hose off the wall - training issue, shorten the hose, they'll look at it


Wiping: kind of the only way to do it

Grid that follows the contours to help avoid the drippings, failed mechanically

Get other solutions from Chris

9 cycles per minute on multivac, pretty much maxed out

Reducing leakers would be great in improving the efficiency

New tables might reduce changeover time, really just trying to improve injury/soreness

(Riser) grids on order right now, probably stationary, might get to just add on to this system

INFO slides

"ROSS" system is coming up and is supposed to eliminate repeat batches, and will have job listings on it

Production list (changes on the supply and when it needs to be produced) vs pick list (to the depot, customers/store, over by 1:00)

Availability changes

"ROSS" system, supposed to eliminate the "Pick" list, system feeds the list off of inventory, and everything in sequence

White board = good


5s More prevalent, def a need, def will help us

Utilize the conveyor better - 3 ft between belt and wall, determine if it's something we can feasibly do

Do anything with Kaizen, potential for testing ideas

Can do a lot of small scale kaizens, anything long term, full blown seems to fail, get employees involved in the design and targets

Taking stuff out of packaging hallway, put them tables out there and have employees take out as needed

Would love to see shorter changeover times

Risk Analysis


Rest of the Quarter

When are we defining our actual deliverable's? Friday of Week 9 - four weeks from today, but could vary