P10711: Wegmans Ergonomics & Tumbler Transport

System Level Team Design Review & Decisions

Table of Contents

Dump Tables

Conveyor straight from tumbler to multivac - not feasible

New dump tables seem best option

Something multi-level with rubber coated "monster truck" tires

Column Dumper

Track in the floor for the column dumper - Ask Chris

Motorized wheels - self propel mechanisms

"Built-in tugger"

VEMAG vats

stick with 300lb-ers

folding handle

telescoping handle


investigate length further


Package Sealers

investigate grid that is on order

if it doesn't work, possible retrofit

Pick List

no TV, too annoying; white board better with a possible encasement to protect from food splatters

investigate ROSS system

Layout Reorganization / 5-S / Kaizen

Kaizen testing with less carts, maybe store them in the hallway; shows us if these things are actually needed

step-by-step clean up the place, with employees involved

No paint or tape - investigate something else for zoning purposes

Suggestion box for the laborers - good idea for Wegman's to do, maybe not so much for our project