P10711: Wegmans Ergonomics & Tumbler Transport

VEMAG Retrofit Idea Generation

1) Investigate on where exactly to put handle, details about issues of previous ones, see example of previous ones


Observations 1/29/2010

Loading VEMAG vat into column dumper / "tumbler elevator"

Loading VEMAG vat into VEMAG itself

How wide the meat comes out of the tumbler

Column dumper

VEMAG Option Selection.xlsx

Email from Chris 2/1/2010

Where else in the building are these vats used?

If they are being used somewhere else, are they being shared between sections, or does each group have their own "designated" vats?

Are these vats used with other machinery aside from the column dumper, VEMAG, and the hydraulic lift in the washroom?

If they are being used with other machines, when can I come in to observe it? I need to know where I can and can't attach things to these vats!

VEMAG Bill of Materials.xlsx