P10711: Wegmans Ergonomics & Tumbler Transport

Wegmans Culinary Center Tour Notes

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Eric notes

Tumber loading and unloading to the vacuum pack. Want improvements of:

Ergo - Accidents from moving smaller vats to tumbler, and dump tables to vacuum sealer. Concerned also with scooping meat from dump table into mutivac.

Flow/Throughput - Want to move product more efficient, and without losing any product. Multivac the bottleneck in the process. Tumblers and multivac run at different speeds. They have changeovers and usually 3-4 tables in queue. They get backed up when they try to handle tables individually. Can change size of unloads.

Deliverables: Want a finished design and/or prototype for loading multivac. Want new concept for loading tumbler (concerns with ergonomics and congestion)

Costing: Cost out the prototype, Wegmans has an approved list of vendors, and can cut purchase orders and buy directly through Wegmans.

Weekly meetings - Will set up weekly Friday meetings with Chris. Also will send out email updates about what we're doing, what will be done, roadblocks, and next steps to entire group.

For material use - no carbon steel, stainless steal best. Maybe can use certain plastics. Smooth edges.

Workers communicate with eachother by banging on windows

Multivacs too close to eachother to have 1 cart on each side of vac.

Theres not enough room to do stuff when using the vmag

The short dump tables are bad

Screens should be at the bottom to filter marinate somewhat but not always there

Tables that actually roll would be helpful.

Some of the old tables were too high and wide, chicken went over the end and marinade went all over

Scooping wokery food is the worst, hard on shoulders / back

Only use the vmag once a week, but do wokery 2-3 times

Some wokery food is heavier

Leaky packets get gutted and resent to vmag

The white hose they use to hose down the machines is very heavy

Usually get sore after 1 hour of work

Scooping is the hardest job, especially on the back

Some carts are significantly harder to move. Ones with new wheels are easy to move.

Put the wrong date on packaging.

Tess Notes

Single chicken breast Multivac operation

Pork tenderloin Multivac operation

Problems at Multivac station:

Disliked jobs:

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Jesse Notes

Tumbler operation

Additional observed problems

Worker proposed cart upgrades