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Wegmans is a private, family-owned corporation that operates approximately 47 supermarkets, with their headquarters in Rochester, NY. In 1950, the son of the founders of Wegmans, Robert Wegman became president of Wegmans stores, and the company began to invest in businesses that would enhance its central focus. Wegman acquired an egg farm and developed an on-site meat processing center and a central bakery. The central bakery is still in the same location, while the Meat Process Center (CIC) has recently moved.

The aim of this MSD project is to improve the Cheesecake Bakery Process in the Central Bakery Facility in Rochester, NY. The central bakery provides the baked goods for all the Wegmans stores. Specifically, the cheesecake process has some process problems, as well as a need for updated techniques to more efficiently make the cheesecake.

Improving the Cheesecake making process and providing the workers with more ergonomically correct and efficient methods will increase throughput of the cheesecakes. This will enable Wegmans to deliver the product to the customer in the most cost effective way.

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Wegmans Cheesecake Process Innovation and Improvement
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Process Innovation and Improvement
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John Kaemmerlen
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John Kaemmerlen
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MSD I Documents

Overview Documents

P10712 MSDII Final Poster (.pptx)

P10712 MSDII Final Presentation (.pptx)

P10712 MSDII Final Review Handout (.pdf)

P10712 Final Paper (.docx)

Project Files

Team Values & Norms, MSD II Update (updated 2/5/10)

MSD II Project Plan (.mpp)

AID Log (.xlsx)

Risk Analysis - Updated (.xls)

Group Members Winter Schedule (.xlsx)

Cheesecake Production Ergonomic Analysis (.xls)

Proposals Linked to Fishbone (.jpeg)

Proposal 1: Table Move

Proposal 1 Test Plan: Marble Cheesecake PI (.doc) updated 1/29/10

Marble Cheesecake Table Move Implementation Instructions (.docx)

Proposal 2: AWP Unit

Proposal 2 Test Plan: AWP-Unit Test Plan (.docx)

AWP Box Assembly Drawing (.pdf)

Mounting Box Drawing (.pdf)

Trigger Handle Assembly Procedure (.pdf)

Trigger Handle Assm Drawing (.pdf)

AWP Unit Drawings

AWP Instruction Guide (.docx)

AWP Calibration Guide (.doc)

Proposal 3: Kaizen Event

Proposal 3 Test Plan: Increased TH, Kaizen Event (.doc) updated 1/29/10

Kaizen Event Plan / Target Sheet / Kaizen Schedule / Implementation Plan (.xls)

Depanning Layout (.pptx)

Proposal 4: New Sheet Pans

Proposal 4 Test Plan: New Sheet Pans Test Plan (.docx)

Sheet Pans Drawings

Ergonomic Analysis & Simplification / 5S

Cheesecake Information Board (.pptx) Fit for 4' x 3' Poster Board (last updated 2/14/10)

Proposed 5S pre-tunnel oven layout (last updated 2/3/10)

Job Element Sheets
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Job Element Sheet: Mixing (last updated 2/8/10)

Job Element Sheet: Dropping (last updated 2/8/10)

Job Element Sheet: Oven Loading (current) (last updated 2/14/10)

Job Element Sheet: Oven Loading (w/AWP) (last updated 2/14/10)

Job Element Sheet: Depanning (last updated 2/11/10)

Job Element Sheet: Depanning (Proposed) (last updated 2/14/10)

Job Element Sheet: Proposed Depanning Setup (last updated 2/14/10)

Ergonomic Analysis

Ergonomic Analysis: Cheesecake Process Performed by Paul Hickey (12/2009)

New Greaser Options

Option List for Pan Greasers (.doc) (2/19/10)