P10712: Wegmans Cheesecake Process Innovation


Table of Contents

Week 1

Mission Statement

Staffing Requirements

Intellectual Property Considerations

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Team Values and Norms

Week 2

Required Resources

MSD I Project Plan (.mpp)

Photo Gallery

Week 3

Identify Customer Needs

Week 4

Fishbone Diagram - Defining our System (.vsd)

Overall Cheesecake Value Stream Map (.vsd)

Establish Target Specifications

Week 5

System level Design Review last updated: 10/08/09

System Design Review Handout

System Design Review Revisions (Review Notes)

Week 6

Post System Level Design Review AID Log (.xls)

Updated MSD I Project Plan (.mpp)

Updated Risk Analysis (.xlsx)

Revised Concept Selection Criteria Post System Level Design Review (.xlsx)

Revised Value Stream Map

Revised Fishbone Diagram

Week 7

Pre Tunnel Oven Time Stamps, 10-18-09

Assisted Water Pouring Unit Overview Doc

AWP Unit Drawing

AWP Unit Schematic

Updated Risk Analysis (.xlsx) (10/23/2009)

Current State Pre-Tunnel Oven (.mpp) 10/23/2009

AID Log (.xls)

Pre-Tunnel Simulation (.doe)

Tunnel Oven - Updated Customer Needs 10/23/2009

MSD I Project Plan (.mpp)(10/24/2009)

Week 8

Tunnel Oven - Customer Needs and Engineering Metrics Chart (.xlsx)

Tunnel Oven - Engineering Specs (.docx)

7 Forms of Waste (.xlsx)

Detailed Process Flow Diagram, VSM

Overall Process Flow Diagram (MS Visio)

Overall Process Flow Diagram with Detailed Process Instructions (MS Word 2007)

Sheet Pan Benchmarking (.doc)

Sheet Pan Data Analysis (.xls)

Small Sheet Pan Drawing (.pdf)

Large Sheet Pan Drawing (.pdf)

Kaizen Event Plan for Depanning Process (Held Week 1 of MSD II)

Ergonomic Analysis Plan

Preliminary MSD II Project Plan last updated 11/5/2009

Week 9

Detail Design Review Presentation last updated 11/5/09

Detail Design Handout last updated 11/6/09

Week 10

Feasibility Analysis

Detail Design Review Notes

AWP-Unit Bill of Materials

Time per Cheesecake

Updated Tunnel Oven - Engineering Specs (.docx)

AWP-Unit Decision Matrix

Test Plans

Proposal 1: Marble Cheesecake PI

Proposal 2: AWP-Unit Test Plan

Proposal 3: Increased TH, Kaizen Event

Proposal 4: New Pans Test Plan

Week 11

Risk Analysis - Updated (.xls)