P10715: Wegman's Culinary Center Flip Label Package


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Wegmans Food Market Inc. is a Rochester based supermarket chain with 74 stores across Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The Wegmans Culinary Innovation Center in Rochester, New York manufactures a variety of grocery products for distribution in Wegmans stores. The Flip Label project goal is to reduce direct labor requirements for the flip package/label meat process sequence in the Wegmans Culinary Innovation Center. Currently an operator is needed to manually flip and align meat packages to enter the x-ray inspection machine. One or more operators are needed to label packages after they exit the inspection machine depending on product type and process speed. One or more operators are then needed to weigh the product. Objectives include implementation of a device to flip and arrange meat packages in optimal configuration on conveyor for inspection by x-ray scanner. The implementation of devices or systems to meet other goals is desirable, time permitting.

Team Members

Helen Jervey (ISE), Project Manager

Charles Nicolosi (ME), Lead Engineer

Ian Baker (ME)

Brandon Sbordone (ME)

Benjamin Bouffard (EE)

George Kilger (EE)

Project Name
Wegmans Flip Label
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Project Family
Process Improvement
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Prof. John Kaemmerlen (ISE)
Primary Customer
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

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