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First Sponsor Interview Transcript

The following interview has been paraphrased.
First Sponsor Interview
Interviewers: Helen Jervey & Brandon Sbordone
Sponsor: Chris Isaacson (Primary Wegmans Point-of-Contact)
Date: 14 December 2009
Interviewer: Typically what tooling standard is used, US or Metric?
Sponsor: Probably both, but I believe the majority is US.
Interviewer: Is there a scheduled maintenance person who does the work at a particular time?
Sponsor: Well, there is one guy who comes in around 1 or 2am, but very little is scheduled...mostly it is whoever request priority, or if a line is being held-up because of problems.
Interviewer: Is there a particularly good time for us to work with maintenance should we wish to test a theory, product or part on the marinated meat line?
Sponsor: Towards the end of the day from about 2:30-3:00pm, weekends or any day when the batch processing is finished early is fine.
Interviewer: Is there any particular item that breaks down often and is a key trouble-spot?
Sponsor: The X-Ray is the most common trouble spot, though the vacuum-seal system can act up as well.
Interviewer: What is the trouble with the x-ray?
Sponsor: It is extremely sensitive to its daily calibration, and it will falsely reject too many packages if things aren't calibrated just right.
Interviewer: What sort of things typically set off these false rejects?
Sponsor: Well sometimes it can be due to the meat having a high calcium content because of its age, but if it scans a folded or double-layered area of packages it thinks that is metal in the meat...in general it is just very sensitive.
Interviewer: Who performs these daily calibrations and works the x-ray machine?
Sponsor: Hank (line operator) and I usually do the calibrations, and maintenance is performed by a contracted company.
Interviewer: Thanks for your time.
Sponsor: No problem, thanks for helping us out.

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