P10715: Wegman's Culinary Center Flip Label Package


Second Sponsor Interview Transcript

The following interview has been paraphrased.
Second Sponsor Interview
Interviewers: Helen Jervey & Brandon Sbordone
Sponsor: Hank
Date: 14 December 2009
Interviewer: How long has the sponge lasted on the upstream label applier?
Sponsor: I don't think it has been changed in the 6 years I've been on this machine, it used to have a protective plastic around it, but that is long gone...it is pretty flat and saturated now, so it doesn't work very well.
Interviewer: How many people are usually operating between the two marinated meat lines?
Sponsor: All together 4-5 people are in the area, two people dedicated to the scaling operations and one or two (typically) people have to do the flipping and labeling on each line.
Interviewer: Have you seen any other solutions to the labeling issues?
Sponsor: Well, the vacu-seal originally applied both labels...the current one that applies the large square label on the back and it had another one that put the marinate label on, but the applier was on the bottom-side of the track and it was always getting messed up and failing, so they just got rid of it.

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