P11001: Balance Training Bike Pedal and Tilt Resistance

Customer Needs

Table of Contents

Step 1. Gather Raw Data From Customers

Interactions with Customers

Inital Interview Notes 12/3/2010
Customer Wanted:

Fix tilt problems
Fix the pedal resistance and prevent "skipping"
Make a 1 page instruction card
Fix tilt sensor
Add a fall counter
Increase size of display
Make it durable
As quiet as possible

Step 2. Organize the Needs into a Hierarchy

  1. Fix Tilt Problems
    1. Smooth resistance across all displacements
    2. Variable resistance for different patients
    3. Variable safety lockout at different angles
  2. Fix the pedal resistance and prevent "skipping"
    1. Realistic starting resistance
    2. Smooth motion throughout rotation
  3. Make a one page instruction page
    1. Single page to post next to bike to instruct both patients and therapists in it's use
    2. Large simple instructions preferably with pictures
  4. Fix the tilt sensor
    1. More accurate display
    2. Larger display, with speedo also located on display box
    3. Can operate for normal time period
  5. Add a fall counter
    1. Counts the number of times in a session the patient hits max angle
      1. Used to simulate falling to the patient
    2. Audio feedback if possible
    3. Variable with different lockout angles
    4. Reset button to start count over
  6. Make bike more durable
    1. Keep frame in very stable condition
    2. Cover loose wires for display
    3. Stabilize parts in display box
  7. As quiet as possible
    1. Avoid any loud mechanisms if possible

Step 3. Establish the Relative Importance of the Needs

Needs Summary
Need The Product Needs to Importance
Need 1.1 Tilt Mechanism Have consistent resistance across range of motion 9
Need 1.2 Tilt Mechanism Be adjustable for patient needs 3
Need 1.3 Safety Ropes Variable tilt angles for the lockout ropes in front of bike. 1
Need 2.1 Pedal Resistance Mechanism Avoid static starting friction 9
Need 2.2 Pedal Resistance Mechanism Have no skipping issues throughout range of motion 9
Need 3.1 Instruction Sheet Clear instructions about operation 3
Need 3.2 Instruction Sheet Large pictures for ease of understanding 1
Need 4.1 Tilt Sensor Improve accuracy 3
Need 4.2 Tilt Sensor Larger display 1
Need 5.1 Fall Counter Count the number of times the patient hits the maximum tilt angle 3
Need 5.2 Fall Counter Audio feedback 1
Need 5.3 Fall Counter Incorporate variable tilt angles 3
Need 5.4 Fall Counter Be able to reset 3
Need 6.1 Bike Frame Maintain stability 1
Need 6.2 Bike Frame Conceal loose wires 1
Need 6.3 Bike Frame Stabilize part in display 9
Need 7.1 Entire Bike Keep mechanical noise to a minimum 1

Step 4. Create a Function Tree

Function Tree

Function Tree

Step 5. Create a Morphological Chart

Morphological Chart

Morphological Chart

Morphological Chart with selections made

Morphological Chart with selections made

Step 5. Create a House of Quality

House of Quality

House of Quality excel file