P11003: Dynamic Keyboard Phase III



Project Summary Project Information

During the act of speaking and signing, the integration of thought and expression occurs simultaneously and seamlessly with little overt thought. In contrast, text entry differentiates or separates thought and associated expression. We will advance the keyboard through a family of projects to bridge learned skills of speaking and signing to the creation of enriched text. The keyboard will bridge this goal. This team is the third of four projects. The forth project will be next year to add software applications by SE team, and then prepare it for NTID students for use.

Project Readiness Package.

Project Name
Dynamic Keyboard Phase III
Project Number
Project Family
Biomedical Systems & Technologies
Assistive Devices
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
George Slack
Faculty Consultant
Dr. DeBartolo (ME), Dr. Phillips (EE)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Primary Customer
Dr. Debartolo
Team Members
Andrew Hobson, Andrew Vitkus, Evan Gelfand


Team Documents

SDI - Planning SDI - System Level Design SDI - System Level/ Detailed Design Pre-Reads

Mission Statement

Staffing Requirements

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Team Values and Norms Reflection

Values and Norms - Week 3

11 Week Project Plan

Project Summary

Risk Assessment

Customer Needs and Engineering Specifications

Functional Decomposition Diagram

Concept Selection

Meeting Minutes

Week 8 Peer Evaluation

Concept Design Review Documents

Detailed Design Review Documents

Week 11 Peer Evaluation

SDII - Engineering Files SDII - Documentation SDII - Administrative Files

Force Test Fixture (CAD)

Keyboard Assembly (CAD)

PCB Layout (PCB Artist)

DK3 Software (Source Code)

Required Software (Python, Arduino, Drivers)

Technical Paper

Final Presentation

Complete Assembly Plan

DK3 Communication Protocol

Final BOM

Completed Testing Results

Pressure Data

ImagineRIT Poster

Wish List

Final Review

Week 8 Status Report

Week 7 Status Report

Week 5/6 Status Report

Week 4 Status Report

Week 3 Status Report

Week 2 Status Report

Week 1 Status Report

MSDII 11 Week Plan