P11003: Dynamic Keyboard Phase III

Mission Statement

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Dynamic Keyboard, Phase III

Mission Statement

The goal of Dynamic Keyboard Phase III is to refine the existing dynamic keyboard, so that users will be able to input key force as well as character, developed by Fall of 2011. A reliable keyboard will then be used for software-related senior design projects.

Dynamic Keyboard, Phase II

The existing dynamic keyboard is a complete working system. Character and pressure is exported to the the PC as paired data. The existing design does not incorporate a mechanical support structure, and needs significant improvement in aesthetics and ergonomics.

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

The primary market for this device is the NTID community. By enriching text communication, deaf people will be better equipped to communicate at distance. As there is already existing technology in this field (Specifically video-based chat), this project is focused on providing an affordable alternative that can be used where internet bandwidth is incapable of supporting video chat.

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

Secondary applications are limitless. By incorporating another matrix of user inputs without incorporating additional pieces of hardware, the user now has another dimension of text. Possible applications include gaming, automatic typo corrections, and generally enriched text communication.