P11008: ARCWorks Cap Test Stand


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Our team's primary objective is to provide our sponsor (ARCWorks) with a plastic straw cutting device. Currently at the facility there are two different processes used to cut the plastic straws down to 8 specified lengths. The first method is very tedious and involves a manual process that allows the operator to cut only one straw at a time. The second process utilizes a pneumatically driven machine that has the capability of cutting up to 10 straws per cycle. This process is much more efficient, but the blade has difficulty cutting through all of the straws in one pass. Our team's goal is to provide another machine that will outperform the current designs and ultimately increase efficiency. Currently load time is another issue and reducing this through the implementation of a hopper system will be explored

A secondary objective that our team seeks to accomplish is to improve the process in which plastic pegs are pressed into the cap of the bottle. Currently, a machine is in place to reduce some of the manual labor but there is a significant amount of manual strain required to seat the plastic peg into the closure using a T-handle type tool. Our aim is to modify the current machine to take out this manual installation step. Furthermore, the overall process flow in the area needs to be analyzed and suggestions for improvements will be made in an attempt to increase productivity.

ARCWorks Logo, 2010

ARCWorks Logo, 2010

Project Name: ARCWorks Straw Cutting Device and Process Improvement

Project Number: P11008

Project Family: ARCWorks

Track: Assistive Devices

Start Term: 2010-2

End Term: 2010-3

Faculty Guide: Dr. Matthew Marshall

Primary Customer: ArcWorks

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