P11008: ARCWorks Cap Test Stand

Identify Customer Needs

Table of Contents

Step 1. Gather Raw Data From Customers

Interactions with Customers

In our second meeting at ARCWorks we discussed the needs of the Straw Cutting system with our Primary contact Wayne Geith.

Customer Needs Meeting Minutes.doc

Third Visit Meeting Minutes.doc

Minutes 1-7

Step 2. Interpret Raw Data in Terms of Customer Needs

Step 3 Establish the Relative Importance of the Needs

This was accomplished by creating a matrix in excel.

Excel File of our Customer Needs Matrix

Customer needs.xls

Update of Customer Needs.xls

Step 4. Reflect on the Results and the Process =

The needs for our primary project were fairly clear and obvious in some situations. In discussion with our customer it was difficult for them to come up with specific needs due to the fact that a current machine was already in place seemingly functioning simply on only a few basic needs. Our Team asked more questions and dug deeper to find out what was actual needed and for what function. Some of the needs identified were obvious in nature but very necessary to include and not overlook.