P11008: ARCWorks Cap Test Stand

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Collecting Project Background Raw Data

Past RIT Senior Design Team Projects at ARCWorks were analyzed and used as Benchmark

Project sponsor clearly identified & verified

ARCWorks- is a manufacturing facility which produces/assembles a wide range of products while providing jobs for the developmental disabled.

Faculty guide clearly identified and verified

Dr. Matt Marshall (ISE)

Product Description/Project Objective Statement

The Primary objective for our team is to provide our sponsor (ARCWorks) with a Plastic Straw Cutting devise. Currently at the facility there are two different processes used to cut the plastic straws down to 8 specified lengths. The first method is very tedious and involves a manual process which will cut straws one at a time. The second process is automatic and can cut 8 straws at a time. This process is highly more efficient but the blade has difficulty cutting through all the straws. Our teams goal is to provide another option which will improve upon the current automatic design by increasing efficiency. A secondary objective which are team seeks to accomplish is to improve the process in which plastic pegs are seated into a particular bottle enclosure. Currently a machine is in place to reduce some of the manual labor but there is a significant amount of manual strain required to seed the plastic peg into the closure using a T shaped tool. We will work on adjusting and possible adding functionality to the current machine to make this happen. The overall process flow in the area needs to be analyzed and suggestions for improvements will need to be made to increase productivity.

Key Business Goals/Project Deliverables

Providing a functional device that is simplistic in use, while keeping cost and maintenance down to a minimum. ARCWorks approval and use of the device are ultimately desired.

Primary Market/Project Opportunities

ARCWorks will use the device in house, so they are our primary market.

Secondary Market/Project Opportunities

Other manufacturing sites where similar processes are taking place.

Assumptions and Constraints

ARCWorks provides jobs for developmentally disabled adults. This being a major constraint, the device should be relatively simple to operate. Productivity should increase directly from the implementation of our device.