P11008: ARCWorks Cap Test Stand

Select Product Concept(s)

Table of Contents

Step 1. Prepare the Selection Matrix

Morph Chart Description of Concepts Pugh Chart.xls

Step 2. Rate the Concepts

Step 3. Rank the Concepts

Based on the results gathered from the Pugh chart selection matrix and the above rating of the concepts several design concepts have been chosen as the best. These designs are as follows:

Step 4. Combine and Improve the Concepts

Step 5. Select One or More Concepts

Based on a non-linear, weighted selection matrix of the best ranked concepts three concepts were tied for the best available concept. These three concepts are the Sliding Cutter, the Stacking Chopper and the Conveyor Toothpick & Hopper Design Guillotine. However these concepts are very similarly ranked and only vary by one ranking so even though one may be ranked higher on this matrix it does not necessarily mean that it would be both the best concept, as well as the most feasible to produce.

This matrix does however clearly illustrate that a chopping/slicing method is the best cutting method amongst the proposed concepts. Based on this the proposed designs have been limited to either the guillotine type chopper, or the sliding type cutter.

Selection Matrix.xls

Updated Selection Matrix.xls

Rough 3D Concept Models

Notes from Design Review

Step 6. Reflect on the Results and the Process