P11011: Modular Motion Tracking Knee Flexion Unit V1

Agenda for Concept Design Review

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Introduction - Maya

The mission of this family of projects, within the Motion Tracking group, is to develop a series of user-friendly devices to measure movement of the human body. These devices are intended for a variety of education, research, and outreach applications within and beyond the RIT, particularly in the physical therapy and rehabilitation fields.

Our primary clients are the Nazareth Physical Therapy Clinic and Rochester General Hospital. Nazareth Physical Therapy Clinic is represented by Dr. Mowder,a clinician, and Dr. Gombato, a researcher of stroke patients. The clinic primarily focuses on rehabilitation while the research clinic focuses more on rehabilitation of orthopedic problems. Rochester General Hospital is represented by Dr. Richard Barbano, a neurology faculty member and researcher of cervical dystonia rehabilitation.

Staffing Requirements
Project Plan

Dr. Mowder's Customer Needs and Engineering Specifications - Brittany and Maya

Mowder Needs
Mowder Metrics

Dr. Barbano's Customer Needs and Engineering Specifications - Mike and Lindsey

Barbano Needs
Barbano Metrics

House of Quality - Andrei

Engineering Specifications

Attachment and Enclosure Options - Andrei

Exploded Views

Interface Options - Mike

Interface Control Document

Sensor Options - Brittany, Mike, Lindsey, Maya

Engineering Specifications
Testing Data

Block Diagrams

System Block Diagrams

Risk Management - Lindsey

Risk Management