P11011: Modular Motion Tracking Knee Flexion Unit V1

Establish Target Specifications

Table of Contents

Step 1. List of Metrics

The tables in the links below present the metrics, or engineering specifications, that are used by our team to design against.

Head Tilt Device (Dr. Barbano)
Knee Flexion Device (Dr. Mowder)

The tables below demonstrate the relationship between customer imposed needs to the engineering specifications. Customer needs are displayed down the left, with the engineering specifications listed across the top.

Head Tilt Device (Dr. Barbano)
Knee Flexion Device (Dr. Mowder) IN PROGRESS

Step 2. Competitive Benchmarking Information

The link below provides the competitive benchmarking information for the possible sensors to be used to measure head tilt.
Head Tilt Device (Dr. Barbano)

Use this table below to compare how pre-existing solutions should compare against the design team's efforts. See the example Table 5-6 on Page 80 of the text by Ulrich and Eppinger.

Competitive Benchmarking Matrix (Barbano)
Metric No. Need Nos. Metric Importance Units Benchmark 1 Value Benchmark 2 Value Benchmark 3 Value
1 Need 1,3
2 Need 2,6
3 Need 1,3
4 Need 1,3
5 Need 4
6 Need 5

Step 3. Ideal and Marginally Acceptable Target Values

Given the customer needs, awareness of the marketplace, and resource limitations of the current project, preliminary nominal or target values have been assigned in the tables below.

Head Tilt Device (Dr. Barbano)
Knee Flexion Device (Dr. Mowder)

Step 4. Results and the Process

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