P11011: Modular Motion Tracking Knee Flexion Unit V1


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The objective of this project is to create a series of sensors with protective enclosures that will measure motion of the knee and of the head. The group is combining and building upon the work of previous MSD teams P10010 and P10011. At the completion of this project, the sensor team and base unit team should be able to combine their sub-systems to create a fully functioning device to measure the motion of the knee and of the head, depending on the sensors connected.

Knee Flexion Subteam:

The knee flexion subteam will create a series of sensors to measure the flexion of the knee and produce a continuously measureable output while allowing for the natural motion of the patient. This device will be used by the clinicians at the Nazareth Physical Therapy clinic in order to objectively track the improvement of knee flexion by stroke victims.

Head Motion Tracking Subteam:

The head motion tracking subteam will create a series of sensors that will measure the tilt and rotation of the head in patients with cerival dystonia. This device will be used by Dr. Barbano at the University of Rochester neurology clinic in order to objectively record and track motion of the head of patients with cervical dystonia.

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Project Name
Modular Motion Tracking Sensors
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Project Family
Assistive Devices and Bioengineering
Rehabilitation Aids
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. DeBartolo (ME)
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Dan Phillips (EE)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Brian Glod (CE/EE)
Primary Customer
Dr. Richard Barbano, Neurology Faculty, Rochester General Hospital
JJ Mowder-Tinney, Director of Clinical Education, Nazareth College Physical Therapy Clinic
Dr. Elizabeth DeBartolo, Dr. JJ Mowder-Tinney, Dr. Richard Barbano,


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