P11011: Modular Motion Tracking Knee Flexion Unit V1

Mowder Engineering Specifications

Engineering Spec. Derives from Customer Needs Relative Importance Description Measure of Performance Units Marginal value Ideal Value
Precision CN3, CN4 9 Angle that the device is able to measure. Ability of device to measure consistently within a certain degree. (degrees) +/- 5-10 +/-5
Range of Motion CN2, CN5 3 Ability of device to measure knee flexion. Angle that the unit is able to measure. (degrees) 0 - 60 0 - 70
Displacement from attachment point on body. CN3 9 Ability of the device to remain stationary during use. How far the device shifted or rotated during use. (cm, degrees) cm: 1.3
deg: 5
cm: 0
deg: 0
Speed of attachment CN7, CN8, CN12 3 The time it takes to place the device on the patient and set it up. Time it takes to put on the patient and activate. (minutes) 2 1
Speed of removal CN7, CN8, CN12 1 The time it takes to take the device off of the patient. Time it takes to remove device. (minutes) 2 1
Protective enclosures CN1, CN9, CN11 3 Keeping the sensitive devices properly protected. Force of impact that it can withstand. (m of drop) 1 2
Does not impede natural motion CN2, CN6, CN10 3 Device still allows patient to move knee joint naturally. Surveying patients to determine level of obstruction to knee. (survey) marginal none
Minimize patient discomfort CN6, CN10 3 Ensuring that the patient is as comfortable as possible. Surveying patients to determine level of discomfort. (survey) marginal none
Cost of components CN1 9 Keeping the cost of the device down as much as possible. The cost of all of the components. ($) $300 $200
Weight CN9, CN10 3 Keep the weight of the device down. The weight of the final device. (kg) 1 0.5
Device must be sanitizable CN13 3 The device needs to be sanitizable. The device needs to be washable. (T/F) True True
Size CN9 9 Keep the size of the device down. How far the device sticks outside of the leg. (mm) 50 70