P11011: Modular Motion Tracking Knee Flexion Unit V1

Mowder Needs

Mowder Needs Summary
# Need Importance
CN1 Device must be affordable 9
CN2 Must have various sensors that can track gait movement, knee flexion, hip flexion, shoulder movement, and spinal movement. 3
CN3 Device must be consistent. 9
CN4 Must be applicable in both clinical and research settings. 1
CN5 Must provide quantitative results. 3
CN6 Must facilitate patient accountability. 1
CN7 Interface must be easy to use. 9
CN8 Interface needs to have a small learning curve. 9
CN9 Device must be portable. 9
CN10 Device must be comfortable. 4
CN11 Device must be durable. 3
CN12 Device must have a quick set up time. 4
CN13 Device must be sanitizable. 3
Note: Importance is measured as High Importance (9), Moderate Importance (3), Low Importance (1)