===Concept Design Review=== Friday, October 8, 2010 12:30-2pm
'''Introduction''' (Maya) *biomed track *sensors to track motion *customers *why are there two customers? :there were more students than originally expected *Project Plan- in Microsoft Project, clear tasks week 1-5, more specific to come for rest of quarter. Updated as we go. Meet every Monday and make adjustments.
'''Mowder Needs and Engineering Specifications''' (Britt/Maya) *Dollar amount? :under $100, we think it is pretty feasible (not feasible for base unit) *Brittany went through and explained each need
'''Barbano Needs and Engineering Specifications''' (Lindsey/Mike) *Be clear whether it is just the sensor or the whole system (it is clear in our minds, but make sure it makes sense for others)
'''House of Quality''' (Andrei) *Relates customer needs with engineering specs *Calculates score and weight for each *Some engineering specs are different for each doctor *Accuracy is the highest weighted? :In needs, it sounds like they weren't as important *Objective vs. quantitative results *Accuracy, drift, etc. *Why does accuracy get the highest score? :Just because the customer said it twice, doesn't mean it was a different need. 5 needs are all related to accuracy (are they all really independent of each other?) *Make sure needs are independent and that nothing is redundant. Are any saying the same thing? *Quantitative and reproducible results but doesn't have to be accurate?? *Change to precision of static measurements? *How reproducible is it now? The way that they are measuring now. (for both doctors) *What is across that top is how you will test it to see if you are successful
'''Engineering Specs''' (Andrei) *Values were from the customer and ergonomics books *Why is the ideal 90 degrees when normal movements should be within 60? *Is it more useful to have/define sampling frequency? Do you know what it needs to be (even if the customer didn't specify) :Mike- sensor outputs at frequency way higher than we would need for body movement. :Need to check sampling rate, make sure it's high enough. *Turn "my belief is" into this is what the sensor does and this is what we need. (for time's sake, we moved to the next topic)
'''Knee Sensor Options''' (Britt/Maya) *Determined flex sensor wasn't very accurate, wasn't reproducing results *Potentiometer 100,000 rotations (roughly last 4-5 years if used every day) *If patient lying on side and flexing knee, would inclinometer work? It's gravity dependent *Look into 3D inclinometers *Why $100? :Mowder is paying for it, and funding is a problem
'''Head Sensor Options''' (Mike/Lindsey) *Sensors that were tested last year *How many degrees of freedom do you need? :Ideally, 6 to measure motion *Not center of mass, but joint center. The head is a rigid body, no matter where the sensor is it would read it. *Does he measure shifting of the head? Does this happen? :Possible video camera to see what he needs *9 dof adds the compass. Magnet can be helping with drift calculations. Is is impacted by the environment? (previous team had issues with magnetometer) Need to look into interference. What if the environment isn't changing much? *6 dof needs A to D converter and microprocessor, voltage regulator *Could you agree on one sensor for both the head and the knee? One on lower and one on upper leg and computer do the vector math? Cost could be an issue. Inclinometer for everything? Won't have drift or integration. Does he need to measure head translation? Neck band? Potential for common platform.
'''Knee Attachment and Enclosure Options''' (Andrei) *Cost considerations- do we need a right and left one? Could you have a movable sensor? Joint in middle could swing in both directions.
'''Head Attachment and Enclosure Options''' (Andrei) *Intent for head sensor is to place the sensor on the front of head.
'''Interface Options/Block Diagrams''' (Mike) *Decided on USB between sensors and base unit expandable to other methods *How are wired going to be routed? For someone walking? :Seen in exploded views
'''Risk Management''' (Lindsey) *Mowder could come in during hours clinic is closed (from Thanksgiving to February) *Test sensors without base unit? Complete project
Suggestions: :Do you have a proposal? :Do you have laid out table? ::Four options: pricing, availability, ease of use ::'Select Product Concepts' ::Change accuracy to precision :Change matrix to reflect house of quality . Update house of quality based on suggestions. Everything needs to be tied together and wrapped up. Need to wrap up within the next week. :Matrix: here's the score, and here's why we gave it this score. Easy for someone to come back and look at. Ex: the ease of use is high because...