P11011: Modular Motion Tracking Knee Flexion Unit V1

Staffing Requirements

Name Discipline Role / Skills
Dr. DeBartolo ME Faculty Guide, Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success.
Dr. Dan Phillips EE Faculty Consultant, Will provide discipline technical support on an intermittant basis.
Brian Glod CE/EE Teaching Assistant
Lindsey Clark EE Tester for head tilt monitoring system.
Michael Ostertag EE Technical lead with focus on head tilt system. Bridges gap between the two teams.
Brittany Bochette EE Tester for the knee flexion system.
Andrei Stihi ME Design physical enclosures to meet specifications.
Maya Ramaswamy IE Organizational lead, keep track of schedules and project planning. Ergonomics of the physical enclosures.