P11011: Modular Motion Tracking Knee Flexion Unit V1

System Block Diagrams

System Level Block Diagrams

All designs will use the ATmega328 microprocessor as built into the Arduino Pro Mini board and then a FTDI to USB (or similar) to convert the signal into a protocol that can be read easily by the base unit.

Knee Flexion Sensor

Below is the block diagram for the knee flexion sensor. It consists of two options: one uses a variable resistor such as a potentiometer or a flex sensor and the other uses a pair of inclinometers.

Knee Flexion Block Diagram (draft 1)
Knee Flexion Block Diagram (draft 2)

Head Tilt Sensor

Below is the block diagram for the head tilt sensor. It is based around the Razor 9DOF sensor that can be found here.

Head Tilt Block Diagram (draft 1)
Head Tilt Block Diagram (draft 2)

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