P11015: Mobile Landmark Identification

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Please see "Software Details" node for more information


Please see "Software Details" node for more information


The 9DOF Razor IMU board must be programmed using an environment of Arduino or similar. This project has installed and used Arduino IDE v.0022, which can be found in the link below, through several laptops including the project's netbook. The driver for the Razor IMU board must be manually installed and is contained in the Arduino 0022 installed folder. To upload the firmware, plug in the Razor IMU device to the computer unit, open the code listed below via Arduino 0022, select an appropriate micro-controller type and COM port, and click upload button on the toolbar or form File drop-down menu.After the uploading is completed, the Razor IMU will run the code it is turned on, reset, or has the power switched. The data extracting was done primary by using Python environment and was also done real-time using C# environment. The data extracting codes are listed below.
Arduino Environment
Arduino Code (Firmware)

Magnetic heading Equations:

Horizontal acceleration Equations:

(Original Code from Sparkfun)

Python Code (Data extracting)
C# Code (Data Extraction for final code)