P11015: Mobile Landmark Identification

Future Works and Recommendations

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In future MSD projects, specifically the family of projects revolving around this device, the primary goal should be to design, build and control the device easier without needing customer to face at a certain direction or fixed position. The next iteration of this project should be focused on building a more user-friendly device that is more efficient as well as being lower maintenance than this iteration’s outcome.

Future Students' Field of Study

Since the portion of the project is mainly focused on software/database development. This means that the next iteration of this specific portion should include the following majors:

RGRTA's database

Path Correction Methods

Note that path correction method is only suitable for the large bus-stop like the Gleason circle one. It is unnecessary for other bus-stop especially (i.e. the bus stop in front of AVBI).

It is recommend to have a separate senior design team working in parallel with the future team to come up with the best way of doing path correction. The team should consist of students from EE and CE (or ME if necessary).

Bus Stop Identification and Starting Point Determination

RFID tags for use on metal:
RFID enabled bolts:


Other Uses

Week 11 Review Document