P11015: Mobile Landmark Identification

Test Procedure

Table of Contents

Software Developement

Data Access - full RGRTA Access is needed
Used to access the server data and retrieve the information
Vector Calculation - Completed
Uses the haversine formula to determine the distance between the two points
Creates a reference distance using the North-South facing Gleason stop to calculate the angle
GPS Data Timing Testing - Completed
Ensure that the data is received in prompt time for vector calculation
GPS and Vector Testing - full RGRTA Access is needed
To test the vector calculation accuracy to the GPS location of the bus.

RFID Reader/Tags

(This should be in-concurrence with P11016 Team)
Read Range Test - Completed
To determine the actual read range of the RFID reader for each RFID tag type
To determine the actual read range of the RFID reader when tag is placed in different conditions.
Actual Bus Stop Test - Completed
To determine best suitable practice for the placing the tag at bus-stop pole.


Preliminary Testing -Completed
To test the functionalities of the 9DOF Razor IMU.
To understand its overall programming code.
To determine the proper settings to run the 9DOF Razor IMU.
Accelerometer Calibration - Completed
To calibrate accelerometer for the RAZOR IMU.
To set offset or offset between positive and negative axis measurement for the Razor IMU.
Gyroscope Utilization - Completed
To utilize the code from Jose Julio to use gyroscope in this case.
Code for Time Period Addition - Completed
Utilizing function millis() of Arduino environment in the firmware code. The adjustments were made to the firmware to obtain maximum numbers of output per unit time. The time period per data, after the adjustments, was found to be slightly less than 17 millisecond.
Postion/Direction Determination Coding - Needed Future Work
To obtain the position and the heading from the RAZOR IMU with limitation that Razor IMU board must stay in horizontal plane only with no tilt.
Acceleration Correction - Needed Future Work
To correct for the effect of gravity on the obtained acceleration values due to any change in orientation.

Bus Stopping Time

Bus Stopping Time Procedure - Completed