P11016: Intra-Building Navigation Device


Meeting Notes 3-21-11


  1. Completed initial testing of tags (USB)
  2. Decided on Tag Type to use
  3. Created Graphical Models of Read Range for each tag type
  4. Read Tag ID numbers for the tags we are using ("G" and "2x2" possibly "Short"): These have the most consistent and longest read ranges of all the tags. The "Squiggle" and "Squigglette" had very poor performance.
  5. Worked on interface between reader and microcontroller

To Do:

  1. Complete interface between microcontroller and reader.
  2. Get Graph Traversal Algorithm
  3. Custom Tailor Graph traversal Algorithm
  4. Perform Extensive testing on the three tags chosen to ensure accuracy
  5. Complete Interface between compass and microcontroller