P11016: Intra-Building Navigation Device


Meeting Notes: 3-30-11

Dan S. No Show


  1. Completed Peer Review
  2. status update from each team member
  3. Dan S.: N/A
  4. Shannon and Dan P.: Completed testing tags on different wall types. Will be conducting more testing on Friday regarding height of the antenna and tags. We are going to figure out where we can place tags based on our test results.
  5. Tim: Debugging timing issues between the compass and the RFID reader on the I2C bus. This involves writing code to make the 1 real-time clock act like several real-time clocks, using callback functions. (This code is not yet in the repo because it's not yet working correctly) Moving at full speed to get the RFID reader to work, so that I can shift to database work.

To Do:

  1. Complete Height Testing (Friday)
  2. Complete Interface between compass and microcontroller
  3. Complete Interface between Reader and microcontroller
  4. Complete Navigation Algorithm