P11016: Intra-Building Navigation Device

Related Papers with Comments

Paper Name Comment
Robot Navigation w/RFID & Fuzzy Logic Controler More demanding hardware, but provides directionality to RFID reading. Don't know anything about Fuzzy Logic.
Blind Navigation with RFID Sounds like our project, but I think they're augmenting GPS with RFID, not doing pure RFID-based navigation. Haven't actually read it yet, since I'm not on campus. (No access to unregistered users)
RFID navigation/location in open spaces Relies on a well-organized mesh of RFID tags. Hardware simplier (no directionality) RFID network becomes huge. Also, tags would need to be in the floor. This paper worked with small models in smalls spaces. (Localization on a table, for example)
Fairly Simple RFID-based robot navigation (Senior Design Project from San Jose State) Lots of good basic information regarding RFID implimentation.