P11022: VAD Reduction of Wired Content for Signal and Power Transmission


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The objective of the Transcutaneous Signal Transmission Project (11022) is to design a transmission system to safely and effectively transfer power and control signal from the external power supply and controls to the Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD). The original design called for a percutaneous cable consisting of 23 wires with a diameter of 8mm. The objective is to reduce the overall diameter of the cable and the number of physical wires.

Project Name
Transcutaneous Signal transmission for Left Ventricular Assist Device(LVAD)
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Biomedical Device Development
Assistive Device and Bioengineering
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Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Steven Day / Edward Hanzlik
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Primary Customer
Dr. Steven Day / Dr. ShanBao Cheng

Team Members

Yevgeniy Popovskiy Vince Antonicelli Craig LaMendola Chrystal Andreozzi
Computer Engineer Electrical Engineer Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineer
Eugene Vince Craig LaMendola Chyrs

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