P11029: Biomimetic Crab


Project Summary Project Information

For an updated project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package. More detailed information will be discussed in class with your Guide and Customer.

The proposed project is intended to build on previous air muscle robotic technologies developed in the Lamkin-Kennard laboratory. The primary objective of the proposed work is to design and fabricate a biomimetic robotic crab capable of underwater operation. The crab project is being developed to showcase underwater robotic actuation capabilities developed in the Lamkin-Kennard lab.

Project Name
Biomimetic Crab
Project Number
Project Family
Bioengineering Fundamentals Family
Biomedical Systems and Technology
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Bill Nowak
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Lamkin-Kennard (ME)
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Sylvan Hemmingway, Yateen Shembade
Primary Customer
Dr. Lamkin-Kennard


Solid Works Pictures Build Pictures Videos
Crab Tilted Front
Crab Top View
Crab Isometric
Crab Dimetric
Crab Tilted Front - Assembled
Crab Tilted Front - W/O Shell
Crab Isometric - Assembled
Crab Side - Assembled
Pneumatic Controls
Chassis Plate
Rapid Prototype Shell
Umbilical Assembly
Prototype Video
Above water Crab Video
Underwater Crab Video

Team Members

Bill Dwyer (M.E.) Joe Mead (M.E.) Shaynae Moore (M.E.) Casey O'Connell (M.E.)

Design Engineer

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Design Engineer

public/joe pic

Design Engineer

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Project Manager

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Team Documents

System Level Design

Concept Design Review Documents (SD I)

Detailed Design Review Documents (SD I)

Prototype Video

Technical Conference Publication (SD II)

Poster Publication (SD II)

User's Manual

Final Design Review Presentation (SD II)

Sponsorship Paper

Week 3

Meeting Minutes (9/19/10)

Week 4

Customer Needs
Engineering Specs
Function Tree
Risks Assessment
Pairwise Comparison
House of Quality
Pareto Chart (HOQ)
Morphology Chart
Meeting Minutes (9/27/10)

Week 5

MSD1 Outlook (Schedule)
Meeting Minutes(10/5/10)
Pugh's Chart
Technical Review Agenda
System Level Design Review

Week 6

Meeting Minutes (10/12/10)
Working Calculations
Outlook Update for MSD1
Umbilical Cord Test Plan

Week 7

Aesthetics-Problem Solving Approach
Work-Spreadsheet Modeling Change in Length (Save and Open on Desktop)

Week 8

Customer Needs Rev 1.3
Engineering Specs Rev 1.3
Risks Assessment Rev 1.2
Top Unresolved Risks Rev 1.2
Crab Shell Concept Selection

Week 9

Chassis & Mount Concept Selection
Chassis & Mount Concept Selection
Detailed Quick Connect
Test Plans
Claw Geometry and Force
Drawing Package


Week 2

Technical Paper Working Document
Week 2 Meeting Minutes

Week 3

Week 3 Meeting Minutes

Week 4

Poster Working Document
Week 4 Meeting Minutes

Week 5

Week 5 Meeting Minutes

Week 6

Week 6 Meeting Minutes

Week 7

Week 7 Meeting Minutes

Week 8

Static Labview Interface.vi (Preliminary)
Labview Interface.vi (Final)

Week 9

Final Poster

Week 10

Tech Paper as of 2/17/11