P11032: NTID Wireless Presentation Control

Test Product Concept(s)

Table of Contents

Step 1. Define the Purpose of the Concept Test

Through building concept boxes and testing with multiple end users, we intended to gather feedback on button type and location.

Step 2. Choose a Survey Population

Our primary targets were NTID deaf and/or hard of hearing students, teachers, and community members. However, because the device can be used by anyone, we also surveyed members of the hearing community.

Step 3. Choose a Survey Format

We chose to survey subjects by providing them with the built concept boxes and a brief description of our purpose and intentions.

public/C1.jpg public/C2.jpg

Next, we asked them to fill out a short survey.

Step 4. Communicate the Concept

The participants filled out the following survey:


Step 5. Measure Customer Response

The following table summarizes the survey results:


Step 6. Interpret the Results

Based on these results, it was shown that the customer preferred a two-button design oriented on the top face of the wristband. We intend to move forward with this concept idea by packaging the required components in as small of a housing as possible.

Step 7. Reflect on the Results and the Process

In hindsight, this survey was a worthwhile way to determine a button type to pursue.

public/SW Model.jpg