P11201: NTID Notification System

Concept Design Review Documents (SD I)

Design Review

Week 5 Design Review

Design Review Document

A design review was held on October 8th, 2010. In attendance were Erin Litts (ME), Athena Turner (EE), Stephen Berus (EE), Alexandra Johnson (ME), and George Slack (Project Guide and EE Faculty). Invited faculty advisers and customer were not able to attend, so one-on-one meetings were arranged. Listed below is a link to the transcript from the initial design review.

Transcript of Design Review

Meeting Minutes from Reviews

Meeting on 10-8-10 with Prof. Slack

Design Review 1

Meeting on 10-15-10 with Dr. DeBartolo

Design Review 2

Meeting on 10-21-10 with Dr. S

Design Review 3

Meeting on 10-15-10 with Dr. Moon

Design Review 4

Meeting on 10-18-10 with Dr. Gary Behm

Design Review 5

Meeting on 10-18-10 with Dr. Dorin Patru

Design Review 6