P11201: NTID Notification System

Identify Customer Needs

Notes from Interviewing End Users

How do you wake up in the mornings?

Just use a bed shaker. No light
Use both bed shaker and a light
Friends/significant other

When staying at a hotel without accessibility devices like bed shaking alarm clocks, how do you wake up?

Pack alarm clock system and tote it with.
Stay up all night, sleep during flight/car ride.
Ask roommates (friends, parents, etc) to wake them up.

Tell me more about your preferences.

Most prefer bed shaker over flashing light.
Some need both to wake them up.
Most answered that bed shakers do more in waking them up than the light.

What is missing from current products?

Variable intensity for bed shakers. Would like to see 3 settings.
Wireless connection to bed shaker.

Customer Needs Chart

Customer Needs

Customer Needs

Excel Document for Customer Needs

Word Document for additional Customer Interviews