P11204: WOOCS: Wireless Components Housing Package


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The WOCCS family of projects to be launched in the 2010 Academic Year will be a continuation of the LV-1 Wireless Command and Control System project (P10205). This MSD team purchased a set of off-the-shelf transceiver units that were implemented into the LV-1 Land Vehicle Project. Together, the transceivers are capable of sending user input commands to the LV-1 robot, and receive sensor data information from the robot. The next step for the WOCCS family is to take the main functions of these transceivers, and separate them into discrete functions: an RF module and a Digital Baseband module. The purpose of this separation is to create modularity in the RF section. Two other teams in the family will be developing RF modules with different capabilities that will also leverage the digital baseband and packaging subsystems. This team will develop a common housing for the WOCCS system modules that protects them from the environment, provides adequate cooling, accommodates the I/O and provides the power. It is important that all of the teams (RF, baseband and packaging) work together to build modularity into the overall project architecture. The modular design will allow for commonality among project-specific interfaces, as well as allowing interchangeability of components.

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Project Name
WOCCS: Wireless Components Housing Package
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Project Family
wireless open-source/open-architecture command and control system (WOCCS)
Systems and Controls
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Faculty Guide
Philip Bryan
Faculty Consultants
Leo Farnand, Vincent Burolla
Primary Customer
Harris Corporation
Team Members
Steven Rois, Nathan Dewey, Dustin Falkner, Amy Powell

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Housing Level Documentation | System Level Documentation

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Project Readiness Package