P11208: WOOCS: Mid-Range RF Module - Zigbee


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Project Overview: The Mid-Range RF-2 MSD Project is part of the Wireless Open-source/Open-architecture Command and Control System (WOCCS). The system's intent is to create a wireless channel to for data transmission from a controller to a mobile receiver. Together there are six teams that comprise the WOCCS family: Power, Packaging, Test Bench, two Mid-Range RFs, and a Long-Range RF group. The three RF groups' final boards are required to be interchangeable to allow for the final device to be used in multiple settings and distances. This project, the Mid-Range RF-2 team P11208, is intended to transmit wireless information over a mid-distance range, determined to be approximately 200m line of sight.

Team members include:

-Jeffrey Abbott

-Romain Derval

-Ting Lik To

-Lingzi Ye

The given project description can be found at Project Readiness Package. Updated documents and diagrams can be found below.

Project Name
WOOCS: Mid-Range RF Module - Zigbee
Project Number
Project Family
Wireless Open-source/Open-architecture Command and Control System (WOCCS)
Autonomous Systems and Controls Track
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Leo Farnand
Faculty Consultant
Philip Bryan
Primary Customer
Harris/ Dr. Ed Hensel
Harris Corporation

Planning Documents

Concept Design

System Design

Detailed Design


SmartRF Studio

SmartRF Flash Programmer

Z-Stack - ZigBee Protocol Stack

Software for CC2531 System on Chip

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