P11210: WOOCS: RF Test Bench

Detail Design

Table of Contents

Detailed Design Review

Detailed Design Review Packet
Detailed Design Review Notes

Project Schedule

MSD 1 Project Schedule (save as MSD1_Project_Schedule.mpp)
MSD 1 Project Schedule (pdf)
MSD 2 Project Schedule (save as MSD2_Project_Schedule.mpp)
MSD 2 Project Schedule (png)

Circuit Schematics and Board Layout

Arduino Uno Schematic
Power Testing Circuit
PCB Layout
Final PCB Layout files for ordering from 4PCB.com (.rar)

Models, Drawings, and Assemblies

Drawing - Arduino Board
Drawing - Power Testing Board
Drawing - Enclosure
Drawing - Exploded Assembly
Final CAD Package (Solidworks) (.rar)

Software and Programming Flowcharts

Bandwidth and Data Loss Test
Latency Test
Power Meter Test
GUI System Test
GUI Power Test
Final Software Package with instructions (.rar)

Testing Procedure and Test Plan

Testing Conditions and Procedure
Preliminary Test Plan (Description)
Preliminary Test Plan (Table)

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials

Updated Risk Management Plan

Updated Risk Management Plan


Arduino Uno Datasheet
ATmega328 Datasheet
MCP6024 OPAMP Datasheet
WP3VEGW LED Datasheet
ZVP4105A FET Datasheet

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