P11210: WOOCS: RF Test Bench


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The primary objective of the RF Test Bench project is to design and develop a testing device capable of testing an wireless RF communication system for its performance characteristics. The project is a part of Wireless Open Source / Open Architecture Command and Control System (WOCCS) project which aims to develop a wireless RF communication system. Our team aims to provide Harris Corporation with an easy to use mobile device capable of testing an RF module for bandwidth, data loss, latency, and operating time.

RF Test Bench Team

RF Test Bench Team

Project Name
WOCCS: RF Test Bench
Project Number
Project Family
Wireless open-source/open-architecture command and control system
Autonomous Systems and Controls
Start Term
End Term
Team Members
Mike DeFrancis (CE) - Interface Manager
Shaheer Khan (EE)
Demetrios Koukouves (ME) - Project Manager
Andrew Nosal (EE)
Faculty Guide
Philip Bryan
Leo Farnand
Vince Burolla
Faculty Consultant
Dr. Dorin Patru
Primary Customer
WOCCS Project Family
Dr. Edward Hensel
Harris Corporation

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Team Values and Norms

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Detailed Design Review Documents (SD I)

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