P11210: WOOCS: RF Test Bench


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The primary objective is to design an RF Test Bench that is capable of successfully testing the WOCCS system’s functionality for different RF modules. The testing procedures need to be consistent and provide clear and concise results for the system inputs and outputs. A common interface will provide the key link between subsystems. Collaboration with other teams is a critical aspect for success of the project and to prevent technical issues arising during testing phase.


  1. Build an independent RF Test Bench.
  2. Test the WOCCS system for system functionality.
  3. Provide written testing procedures for the system for users.
  4. To be able to interface each subsystem and test the functionality.
  5. Ability of test bench to be used for future projects without any integrity issues.

Issues and Risks

  1. Lack of RF technology knowledge within team.
  2. The test procedures are dependent on technology used by other WOCCS family teams.
  3. The design specifications are dependent on other project family teams.
  4. Test for Long Range RF Module will be limited due to distance.
  5. Testing of system only possible when all other subsystems are designed completely.

Key Milestones

Key Players

Core Team Members
Name Email Schedule

Mike DeFrancis (CE) – Interface Manager
Shaheer Khan (EE)
Demetrios Koukouves (ME) – Project Manager
Andrew Nosal (EE)



Roles and Responsibilities

Team Member Responsibility
Mike DeFrancis (CE) Programming, GUI, Needs/Specs, Test procedure
Shaheer Khan (EE) Budget, Ordering, Risk Management, Circuit design, Test procedure
Demetrios Koukouves (ME) Updating Edge, GUI, Bill of Materials, Packaging, Test procedure
Andrew Nosal (EE) Project scheduling, Circuit design, Test procedure


People Capital Environment
  • Faculty Guide
    • Philip Bryan
    • Leo Farnand
  • Faculty Resources
    • Dr. Patru
    • Dr. Tsouri
  • Customers
    • WOCCS Project Family
    • Power System
  • Harris Corporation
    • $5000 budget combined for WOCCS family
  • Engineering laboratories
  • Senior Design Center

Project Schedule

MSD 1 Project Schedule



Project Management Methodology

Meetings will be held on a weekly basis. The team will meet each Tuesday at 6 pm on the fourth floor of building 9. Additionally, the team will meet at convenient times throughout the week as necessary according to the project schedule. All team members are expected to attend these meetings in accordance with the team’s values statement.


Reports will be given in the form of progress updates. These updates will be given at weekly meetings in the form of individual progress updates to the team, as well as in the form of weekly team updates to Dr. Brian. Other teams will remain updated on team progress through e-mail and face-to-face conversations. Formal reports will be written regarding team progress throughout the quarter. All team-members will have a stake in these reports.


Interfaces between our team and the other teams will be managed by the team’s interface manager (Mike DeFrancis). Interfaces between components of the Test Bench will be managed by the team members at each end of the interface. Any team member whose design affects elements of the system on which they are not working must inform all team members of the design.

Review Process

All team members will review the team’s progress and discuss it at weekly meetings. Team members will bring up any issues or concerns at these meetings. Formal review processes will take place throughout the quarter. For each formal review, all team members will ensure that they are prepared and have sufficient knowledge of what is being reviewed so that they can answer for aspects of the project that they are not working on.

Risk Management Plan

Risk Management Plan

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