P11212: LV for Education: Controls, RF Module


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Rochester institute of technology is going through tremendous amount of changes in the years to come. In 2013 a full change in academic structure will occur, switching from the quarter system over to the semester system. This will cause classroom lectures and labs to be taught over a longer time period. In order to accommodate the difference in time, new projects and material must be added to the curriculum. The purpose of this project was to develop a communications interface for a robot base with a modular attachment. The customer is the Mechanical Engineering department of RIT, looking for a useful project for first year mechanical engineers to work on. Building off previous projects (including the development of an in house RF solution) we aim to bring a useful and easy to use interface for the LVE. Our Particular project focuses on the control elements of the robot including motor control and the RF solution. Using LV1 controls as a base point LVE, controls aims to expand upon and improve prior iterations while reducing overall costs.


For future projects, please refer to this page for our final results and ideal path forward.

Project Name
LV for Education: Controls, RF Module
Project Number
Project Family
LVE Family
Vehicle Systems
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Phil Bryan
Industry TA
Leo Farnand, Vince Burolla
Team Members
Nick Giudice, Dan Sirgey, Gokhan Karahan
Primary Customer
Mechanical Engineering at RIT

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