P11213: LV for Education: Modular Student Attachment (MSA)

Customer Correspondence

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Meeting w/ Dr. Hensel & Dr. DeBartolo


Summary of meeting:

Dr. Hensel and DeBartolo wants something SIMPLE. They really like the 4-bar linkage idea because of its variability and simplicity. Simple also means as little motors as possible.

The most important part about the meeting was:

Meeting w/ Dr. Hensel


Summary of meeting:

MSA ideally would change from the year to the next but that would be the responsibility of another MSA MSD team.

LVE can be real time controlled but the ability to be autonomously programmed is a big plus.

We need to keep the following in mind:

Hard data:

are we could get away (possibly) with as little as 10 LVE chassis and enough MSAs for all the groups that semester.

Dr. Hensel also mentioned that he's in his office 9-11 so we can drop by to ask questions if he is there.

Other Correspondence


Throughout the project we regularly stayed involved with both Dr. Debartolo and Dr. Hensel regarding the direction of the project, including the detailed design review at the end of MSD I. Some key notes from the several discussions: