P11213: LV for Education: Modular Student Attachment (MSA)

MSA Documentation

Table of Contents

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P11213 - Project Plan.pdf

P11213 - Values and Norms.pdf

P11213 - Risk Management.pdf

Concept Design

P11213 - Customer Needs.pdf

P11213 - Design Specifications.pdf

P11213 - Weighted House of Quality.pdf

P11213 - Interface Control Document.pdf

P11213 - Work Breakdown.pdf

P11213 - Assembly Diagram.pdf

P11213 - Function Diagram.pdf

P11213 - Block Diagram.pdf

P11213 - Functional Architecture.pdf

P11213 - Concept Selection.pdf

P11213 - Concept Sketches.pdf

P11213 - Motor Mounting Calcs Setup.pdf

P11213 - Motor Torque Calculations.pdf

P11213 - Electrical Functional Analysis.pdf

P11213 - System Design Review.pdf

Detailed Design

P11213- Detailed Design Review Packet.pdf

P11213 - MSA - Bill of Materials.pdf

P11213 - Action Items.pdf

P11213 - Preliminary Test Plan.pdf

Control Mechanical

P11213 - Chassis IO Header Shroud.dae

P11213 - MSA Control Board Stackup.pdf

P11213 - Buck Converter Analysis and Thermal Analysis.pdf

P11213 - Buck Design.pdf

P11213 - Mainboard - v1 - Schematic.pdf

P11213 - Mainboard - v1 - Layout - Bottom.pdf

P11213 - Mainboard - v1 - Layout - Top.pdf

P11213 - Chassis IO - v1 - Layout.pdf

P11213 - Chassis IO - v1 - Schematic.pdf

P11213 - Control Action Item Analysis.pdf

P11213 - Software Scheme.pdf

CAD Drawings

Structural Analysis

CAD Pictures

Structural Analysis Files

P11213 - Design Drawing Package

P11213 - Mechanical Feasibility

P11213 - Matlab Scripts

P11213 - Material Properties.pdf

P11213 - Hand Calculations - Stress Analysis.pdf

P11213 - Chassis IO Stackup.pdf

P11213 - Forward Motor Torque Analysis.pptx

P11213 - Aft Motor Torque Analysis.pptx

P11213 - Expanded Forward Motor Analysis.pptx

P11213 - Alternative 4-Bar Linkage Setups.pptx

P11213 - Mechanical Stack Ups.xlsx

P11213 - Material Properties.pdf

Manufacture, Test and Validation

MSA/LVE Pictures

P11213 - Project Plan MSD II.pdf

P11213 - Test Plan.pdf

P11213 - Manufacturing Plan.pdf

Control Mechanical

Sparkfun CAM Script

P11213 - Chassis IO V1 Gerber Files.zip

P11213 - Main Board Gerber Files.zip

P11213 - Testcard Buck Validation.pdf

CAD Files

CAD Pictures

P11213 - ME Professor Survey.docx

P11213 - ME Professor Survey Results.xlsx

P11213 - Timing Test for Freshmen.pdf

Use Documentation and Code

P11213 - Final Technical Paper.pdf

P11213 - Final Presentation.pdf

P11213 - MSA Poster.pptx

Control Mechanical

P11213 - MSA Control Design Information.pdf

P11213 - Control Software.pde

P11213 - PC Software.pde

Modified WOCCS Code Directory

P11213 - Project Description.pdf

Matlab Scripts

Future Project - Lessons Learned and Path Forward

P11213 - MSA Lessons Learned.pdf

P11213 - MSA - Scrubbed BOM.pdf