P11215: Wandering Campus Ambassador (part 4 of n)


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The Wandering Campus Ambassador is a robot-like system to raise awareness of self-sustaining energy and showcase student's creative and technical abilities. See Project Description. The idea is to create curiosity through a robot like device with a living, growing and self-sustaining plant. It will wander around in a nice, slow, autonomous fashion, searching out the best sun, water, fellow plants and friendly passers-by. Act as a great (yet very quiet) spokesperson/plant for the KGCOE MSD, CC&IS Software Engineering Senior Projects, CIAS Industrial Design Senior Projects and even the new sustainability programs being created at RIT. Just think what a great news story or You-Tube episode it would make. If you think along the environmentally friendly side a little, you could consider some replenishable power sources for both the robotic-like device and its plant which is not only along-for-the-ride but may guide the robotics autonomous decisions in search of being able to sustain the plant (i.e. water, sun, temperature, food)

Project Name
Wandering Campus Ambassador (part 4)
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Faculty Guide
Prof. George Slack
Faculty Consultant
Alan Reddig; ID, Dan Phillips; EE, Ferat Sahin; EE, Wayne Walter; ME, Dr. Pratapa Reddy; CE.
Primary Customer
George Slack, Stan Rickel, Daniel Phillips

Team Members

Name Email Discipline
Justin Ackerman jla7184 CE
Hersh Anand hxa7630 EE
Jonathan Notaro jmn9759 EE
Eric Tripp ett2424 EE
Chris Hoerbelt cvh8601 ME - Team Lead
Gregory Mucks gpm8186 ME
Anthony Poli axp5822 ME

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