P11216: Wandering Campus Ambassador (part 6)

Customer Needs

Customer Need Number Importance (1=High) Description Comments/Status
CN1 1 Improve Sonar Range and Area of Vision
CN2 2 Increase Adjustability of plant mount
CN3 1 Test Bumpers Determine force to complete circuit
CN4 1 Physical deterrence for alarm Water Sprinkler on top
CN5 2 Switch to disengage alarm
CN6 3 Shelter for night
CN7 3 Shelter has energy socket for recharging batteries
CN8 2 Collect and Store water for later use From rain or other source - Gutter/umbrella system
CN9 1 QNX loaded on BeagleBoard
CN10 1 Store sensor input in registers Possibly completed
CN11 1 Virtual Machine for development Completed
CN12 2 Connect to robot through internet
CN13 1 Water plant when moisture low
CN14 2 Seek out more intense light when light is not enough
CN15 3 Seek out other plants
CN16 3 Battery Life - Monitor Charge Risk Mitigation
CN17 2 Needs to stay within a certain area (coordinates)
CN18 1 Does not fall off ledges
CN19 1 Software senses people and objects with sonar/bump, does not run into them
CN20 1 Personality Modes- Curious, Friendly, Apathetic, Super-sustain, Angry, Diagnostic, and Test Apathetic, Test, and Diagnostic modes are primary needs
CN21 3 Curious Tries to keep a set distance from people, as if it is checking them out to see what they are
CN22 1 Apathetic Random Wandering
CN23 3 Friendly Moves towards people to show them the plant it is carrying
CN24 3 Super-Sustain Mostly "ignores" people - just tries to make sure that it doesn't run into them. Purely seeks out life giving conditions for the plant
CN25 3 Angry Plant was stolen, activate alarm, try to follow theif
CN26 1 Diagnostic Mode Show information about the robot, raw sensor readings, etc.
CN27 1 Test Mode Get the testing on the data up and running
CN28 1 Software must be able to run each motorized wheel independently
CN29 1 Additional plants can be carried

P11215 Customer Needs (also applicable)

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