P11216: Wandering Campus Ambassador (part 6)

Detailed Design Review Action Items, Issues, and Decisions

Meeting Purpose: Detailed Design Review of the Wandering Ambassador (Part 6) project (P11216)

Materials to be Reviewed:

  1. Project Description
  2. Customer Needs
  3. Engineering Specifications
  4. Risk Assessment
  5. CAD Assembly
  6. Sonar Layout
  7. Water Deterrence System
  8. Adjustable Plant holder
  9. Additional Plants
  10. Sonar Servos
  11. Bump Sensor
  12. Moisture Sensor
  13. Solar Panel
  14. “Indiana Jones” Switch
  15. Emergency Stop Buttons
  16. Beagleboard/MSP430 Communication
  17. Design (Software)
  18. Class Descriptions
  19. Pseudo-code examples
  20. Important board specifications
  21. Data persistence
  22. Polling (hardware/software interaction
  23. Test Plan
  24. Bill of Materials


Recorded By:Anna Gilgur

Meeting Date: February 11, 2011

Previous Open Action Items Reviewed: None

Discussion: None

Action Items

Item # Description Responsible Due Date Status/Comments
A301 Find specifications about the ribbon cable for the Servos/Sonars (especially fatigue) Rui, Nick, Anna 2/18/2011 Will be tested when servo is tested. (3/14/2011)
A302 Make servo holders then determine if they need to be “beefed” up mechanically to reduce vibration Nick, Anna 3/18/2011 Will be completed by 3/18/2011
A303 Determine mass of plant Nick 2/18/2011 Complete
A304 Determine mass of adjustable plant holder after it’s made Nick, Anna 2/18/2011 Complete
A305 Determine statics of plant and plant holder (including factor of safety) Nick, Anna 2/18/2011 Complete
A306 Determine dynamics of plant and plant holder (including factor of safety) Nick, Anna 2/18/2011 Complete
A307 Final design for adjustable plant holder using determination for equations Nick, Anna 2/18/2011 Complete
A308 Measure size available for two reservoirs Anna 2/18/2011 Complete. 7" x 15" x 19"
A309 Determine which reservoirs to purchase and purchase them Nick, Anna 3/11/2011 Purchased two coolant overflow reservoirs and two pumps.
A310 Determine if more temperature sensors need to be added to monitor the temperature outside the robot Rui 2/18/2011 Put WA under direct sunlight; More temperature sensors will be added
A311 Determine how many more temperature sensors are needed Rui 2/18/2011 Complete; two additional are needed for the gear boxes. One is not needed inside the electronics box because MSP430s have a built in one.
A312 Look at specification sheet for moisture sensor Rui 2/18/2011 Complete
A313 Test moisture sensor in pure water to determine voltage Rui 2/18/2011 Complete; ranges from 0.0003-1.814 V depending on depth sensor is inserted into water.
A314 Find voltage specification of solar panel Rui 2/18/2011 Complete
A315 Get book to see what’s recommended for the circuitry of the solar panels and LEDs Rui 2/18/2011 Complete.
A316 Change on board circuit diagrams so that they look like how things were soldered, instead of a schematic Rui 3/18/2011 Will be complete by 3/18/2011.
A317 Test sonars to make sure all four function properly and range can be obtained accurately Ken, P11215 2/18/2011 With and without somebody/something near it. Complete. All function properly
A318 Work both wheels together instead of separately? Phil, Joe, Dave 3/18/2011 Wheels will work separately in tandem.
A319 Use case of the robot just wandering Phil, Joe, Dave 2/18/2011 Complete.
A320 Imagination exercise to determine methodical movement of robot. Phil, Joe, Dave 2/18/2011 Refer to meeting notes page 6 for more description. Complete.
A321 Make schedule for SD2 Team 2/18/2011 Complete.
A322 Get WA to move forward one foot Phil, Joe, Dave 3/18/2011 Complete on 2/25/2011
A323 Determine if encoders are being used Ken 2/18/2011 Wheels have a very large torque, encoders might not be necessary. Complete; encoders are not being used.


Item # Description Responsible Status/Comments
I301 Vibrations in sonar holds Nick, Anna Will be made so that there is minimal vibration
I302 Will it be possible to fill both of the reservoirs easily Nick Yes, they will be placed so that it will
I303 Size of the windshield washer reservoir(s) Anna Going to measure the space available and get reservoirs accordingly
I304 Vibration causing plant falling out of adjustable plant holder Nick, Anna Going to use wing-nuts
I305 Adjustable plant holder not standing up to the weight of the plant Nick, Anna Going to re-design adjustable plant holder so that it can withstand the weight of the plant
I306 Chicken wire injuring people or cutting into electrical components Nick Going to use Nylon webbing
I307 Heat generation from electrical components Rui, Ken Not an issue from inside the Wandering Ambassador because voltage regulation issue has been fixed
I308 Direct sunlight affecting the robot and causing components to stop working Rui Going to use temperature sensors on outside of WA
I309 No bump sensor on the back of the robot Nick, Anna Get bump sensor for the back of the robot?
I310 Range of moisture sensor saturates at 1.5V instead of 3V Rui Test moisture sensor
I311 LEDs on solar panel popping Rui Put in either multiple resistors, or a ziener.
I312 Bump sensors and traveling on concave up or down terrain Team Bump sensors are height adjustable; terrain specifically picked to avoid such obstacles
I313 Something getting stuck(like a stick) under or in WA Team Not likely to be a large issue since the terrain is going to be picked out and probably cleaned up


Item # Description Contributing Individuals Decision Date Status/Comments
D301 Build servo-sonar mountings with bracket over center of gravity Nick, Anna 2/11/2011
D302 Determination about the fatigue of the ribbon cable and if rotating servo-sonars will work or if something else needs to be done Nick, Anna, Rui 2/18/2011 Will be tested when servos are tested.
D303 Purchase two reservoirs Nick 2/11/2011 Two coolant overflow reservoirs purchased
D304 Use counter-pins instead of threaded rods for plant holder Nick, Anna 2/11/2011 Plant holder will not be built due to budget constraints
D305 Finalize design of plant holder Nick, Anna 2/18/2011 Completed with proper testing and analysis of statics and dynamics
D306 Get nylon webbing instead of chicken wire Nick, Anna 2/11/2011
D307 Determination of whether or not additional temperature sensors need to be added Rui 2/18/2011 Additional temperature sensors will be added
D308 Determination of how many temperature sensors need to be added Rui 2/18/2011 Adding two temperature sensors
D309 Get bump sensor for the back of the robot Nick 2/11/2011 Not getting bump sensor for back of robot due to budget constraints
D310 Saturation level of moisture sensor Rui 2/18/2011
D311 Implement what is found out from book Rui 2/18/2011
D311 Get larger LED Rui 2/11/2011
D311 Functionality of all four sonars both with somebody near them and not Ken 2/18/2011 Complete. Function as said in specification sheet for sonars
D312 Gain familiarity with sonar Rui, Ken 2/11/2011 Find out how they work
D313 GPS ownership Joe, Phil, Dave 2/11/2011
D314 Electronic compass ownership Ken 2/11/2011
D315 Battery ownership Ken, Rui 2/11/2011
D317 LCD ownership Joe, Phil, Dave 2/11/2011
D318 Methodical movement of WA Joe, Phil, Dave 2/18/2011
D319 Determine if encoders will be used Ken, Rui 2/18/2011 Encoders will not be used
D320 Distance traveled is not critical; speed is Joe, Phil, Dave 2/11/2011
D321 Use the piece of ABS P11215 has instead of purchasing aluminum Nick, Anna 2/11/2011 Not going to use ABS because plant holder is not being built due to budget constraints.
D322 Purchase two pumps/reservoirs instead of one Nick, Anna 2/11/2011 Pumps and coolant overflow tanks purchased

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